Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Bonjour monsieur et madame..
Je parle français, un peu..

Since April 11, 2003 I took le lange françaiscourse at the CCF Jl. Wijaya .., Jakarta. It seems that I am the only one who doesn't know French at all. All of my friends seem to have basic French. Fortunately, madame Titin, nos professeure, is a very nice lady. She helps me much and encourages me to speak French. :-)

There are several classes for the elementary grade, but I take the Tuesday and Friday night course (7pm - 9pm). So far, I enjoy joining the class. We don't feel like studying or learning. We rather feel playing. And the class situation is alive; thanks to madame Titin (and all my friends) who can bring such situation into the class.

Other important events in April are birthdays in our family. April 3 was Edhi's, April 8 was Asti's, April 15 was my Mom's birhday, April 19 was mbak Inke's, bude (aunt) Tjoen, and mas Budi Santoso's. April 21 was Anto's birthday (Anto is Endra's brother). Today, April 23, is Ita's birthday (Ita--my youngest sister) and the day after tomorow, April 25, will be Andri's.

My Mom is 73 years old this year. Suddenly, I remember to write a little comemmoration for my Mom's birthday, just like what I have done for my father. But it needs time, a quiet and tranquil environment, to prepare one. Maybe in a few days ahead, I can start writing it.

And for now, I think it's enough. See you soon. Au revoir!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

It's April.

I missed writing two special events: Endra's birthday on February 11 and our anniversary on March 14. Endra is 33 this year and we have been married for 5 years.

Alhamdulillah, we live happily, our relationship get stronger and stronger. We still flirt each other. We don't (or haven't?) have serious problems. We find this marriage is good--even excellent-- for each other. We share many happy moments, we share our interest and leisure time together. Allah, alhamdulillah.