Monday, July 24, 2006

Earthquake in Some Places of Indonesia

Kompas reports today, that earthquake shook Indonesia again in some places yesterday. Gorontalo, Banggai, Nias, Bali. Different places, different time. Shaking places, shocking news. We haven't been recovered from previous calamities, we have to face new disasters. Maybe, this is God's way to make us stronger and tougher.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Wall

Not the Pink Floyd's wall. The kitchen wall had been restored last week. Thanks neighbor :)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tsunami Struck Again!

This time it was in the the western and central part of south Java island, yesterday at about 5 pm. The first 6.8 R earthquake hit the area at 3.19 pm, followed by a 5.5 R earthquake at 4.13 pm and a 6.1 R earthquake at 5.09 pm. The epicentrum was in the Indian Ocean, at 9°24' S 107°12' E and 30 km beneath (the earth or sea level?). Tsunami hit Pangandaran Beach, the biggest tourism area in the southern part of West Java Province, and along the southern coast of Central Java and D.I. Yogyakarta Provinces, such as Cilacap and Nusa Kambangan Island (Nusa means island, famous with its prison), Kebumen, and the beach tourism area in Yogyakarta (Parangtritis, Samas, etc). And how about Cijulang? Cijulang is less than 30 km west of Pangandaran and faces the same bay. There's no report about Cijulang, but I think Cijulang suffers from tsunami, too. I've been to Cijulang and Pangandaran last year.

Earthquake was felt in Jakarta and Bandung, too, and was also reported in Bengkulu, Sumatra and Kupang, Timor. Maybe it's God's way to keep us Indonesian hand-in-hand, building strength inside us.

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Week Later

The wall still cracks! :( Let's see when they will fix it.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Busy Days and Weekend

My days were filled with meetings, so that I seldom sat in front of my computer. Saturday was also a busy day: invitation from our neighbor for khitanan, arisan (I didn't come to the arisan), and om Wid's body arrived from Guangzhou.

Innalillahi wa innaillaihi rooji'uun. Om Wid, Endra's uncle, died in Guangzhou on Thursday afternoon. Om Wid is Ibu's youngest brother. Om Adi, om Abi, Yoyok, and Endra were assigned to pick-up the body in the airport cargo. Fortunately, there was mas Agus (mbak Siti's bridegroom-to-be) who works at Bea-Cukai (customs officer) that accompanied us in the cargo area. The body was brought to Bandung that Saturday night and arrived in Bandung at 2 am. Om Wid was buried at 7 am that Sunday morning. We only slept for only 1 hour. How we were all very tired that Sunday.

On Monday, I had to attend another meeting. I arrived at home at about 8 pm only to find my neighbor had been waiting for me to apologize. What for? Her husband had bumped their car into our kitchen's wall! Can you imagine that? Of course the lower wall was cracked due to hard hit. It's an accident, anyway. Nobody wanted it. They promised to fix the wall. Their car was damage somehow.

Fortunately, there was no one standing in our carport when the accident happened. Fortunately, our maid didn't park the bike there. Fortunately ... Ah, how fortunate we were! We had soooo much fortune. Should we buy a larger lot with a larger front yard to avoid such accident? A good idea, eh.