Thursday, November 08, 2007

I've emailed my works last night. One project had already finished. Now, I can concentrate more on another project. Hopefully, I can finish the project sooner. With big help from my friends, of course.

Yesterday morning, I had a meeting somewhere in South Jakarta. Going home to Bintaro, from Ratu Plaza, I took the Trans-Bintaro--a feeder bus from Bintaro area to Sudirman area--.

When the bus passed Jl. Kartika Utama Metro Pondok Indah, I felt sad somehow for some trees and plants soon will be gone and be replaced with ugly, concrete way for mass transport project called "busway" (corridor 8, if I'm not mistaken). How the nice-looking environment of Pondok Indah area will be altered into something stiff and rough. Poor you, Jakarta!!! Such area with good visual quality is very rare to find in here and it will be diminished soon.

Another view also made me sad. A protest rally, blocking the Serpong-Jakarta toll-road, was held by some people, asking for their money from selling their father's land for what is now the toll-road. I saw police cars, a TV station car, micro buses of "Kopaja" parked at the side of the road. They had lost the land; they saw the road company received money from toll-road users, but they hadn't got anything in return. I read in today's paper that the toll-road company had entrusted the money to South Jakarta courthouse. A meeting will be held this Thursday morning to resolve the problem.


Blogger Gary said...

Very interesting blog - you're so articulate.

I enjoyed your list of books and magazines from you parents. I bet your dad is happy they are still in the family.


11/08/2007 2:13 PM  
Blogger Ati said...

Thank you, Gary :)

11/11/2007 3:50 PM  

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