Wednesday, May 07, 2003

The Sudirman AC Train

This morning, mbak Juni and I go to the office by train--the Sudirman AC train. The train arrives at "Pondok Ranji station" at 6:37 am and soon departs. We could not sit; all seats were occupied. Although we had to stand, we were not tired.

The train serves Serpong ("Sudimara station") - Manggarai vv.It is quite convenient, with central air conditioning and lighting. It is like a shinkansen to me ;-) (psst..! I have to admit: I haven't been in Shinkansen before..). Oh, I met Tetty in the train. It was the second time for her; and it was the first time for me to ride this train. The train arrived at "Dukuh Atas station" at about 7:00 am.

I continue with kopaja P19 and then with mikrolet 44. And do you know what time I arrive at the office? 7:15 am! and I am still fresh :-). Wow! what a wonderful experience! :-)

Ah yes, hot news in the family! Tyas has delivered her new born baby boy this morning through a caesarian sectio at 7:45 am. Congratulations to Topan and Tyas and also Anis (the elder sister of the new born baby)..