Tuesday, February 14, 2006


It was Endra's. Saturday, February 11. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Big hug and kisses from me. ♡

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Tour to Tanjung Priok

Yesterday Endra and I took a tour to some old buildings in Tanjung Priok area. We visited Tanjung Priok Railway Station, Rumah Tinggi and Tugu Church. The tour "Plesiran Tempo Doeloe" was organized by "Sahabat Museum" (Friends of Museum). Tanjung Priok Railway Station was once a prominent station in Batavia (old Jakarta), connecting Tanjung Priok port and commercial and residential areas in Batavia. But now, there's no railway service; it's only an abandoned place, rented to some ticket agents. Rumah Tinggi or high-rise house in Marunda was once a house burglarized by si Pitoeng, a Betawi (native people of Jakarta) hero. --Unfortunately, Rumah Si Pitoeng was surrounded by sea water (about 5 - 7 cm) when we left, made us hang on to and walk above the fence wall to avoid water.-- Please apologize us, Jakarta. While Tugu church was built in once a Portuguese area (which the word "Tugu" came from) in Batavia.

We were also entertained by Musik Kroncong "Cafrinho Tugu" led by Samuel Quiko, a Portuguese inheritance. Uh, I noticed they played "Sari Mareijs" (?) too, an old Dutch song, which reminded me of my father. My father--and only my father-- often sang the song. You've never heard this song, haven't you?

The tour began and ended at Kota (Beos) Railway Station. Alwi Shahab, a journalist, known with his old Batavia stories books was invited to accompany the tour session. It's like a time-tunnel journey when you peek the past life of Jakarta during the Dutch era and it's quite entertaining, too. In the pictures above you can see Endra and me with Mr. Alwi Shahab (far right) and Mr. Samuel Quiko (in red shirt), the "Cafrinho Tugu", a window of Tugu Church and a spot of Tanjung Priok Railway Station.