Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Try this SE K800i

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Try this cellphone

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Try this cellphone

for posting this to the blog. :-D

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Classic Gadget of Mine

Getting older, you tend to reminisce the gool old days: when there were no lines on your face, there was no gray hair in your head, or when you didn't have to buy progressive lenses for those who wear glassess. One thing that can bring old memories back is still with me. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet my special, faithful classic gadget: Casio scientific calculator fx-3600P !!!!

Back in 1982, I broke my previous calculator, Casio scientific calculator fx-4500P. I asked my parents for a new one. Accompanied by my cousin, I went to Glodok to buy a new calculator. Our choices fell to this Casio fx-3600P.

It was and still is a poweful calculator. Not only it has more space for memory (1 'M in' and 6 'K in's), it has much more facilities. When you want to divide something (x with y, for example), you don't have to worry if you input 'y' first instead of 'x' because you can fix it with X↔Y button. And the biggest accomplishment of this calculator is its Linear Regression capability. In 'Statistic II' we have to memorize formula for LR. I did memorize the formula. And I could answer the questions (without using the LR built-in program). However, I checked my answers with my new Casio fx-3600P, and it seemed that my answers were right. Good grade was all I could imagine.

In the mean time, the calculator had been borrowed for quite a long time. And it came to me again in bad condition. Its casing was damaged; it became worse until you can lift-off the cover from the body. A little bit like X-press cover on a cellphone, only you can't change the upper casing with other color of the calculator. No other colors available. I have to put on cellophane in some spots of the calculator to fastening the front cover from the back cover.

In 1997, I once bought an organizer Casio Digital Diary SF-7900. Its internal memory was 128 KB and no external memory. I almost threw away the calculator for this new organizer. But, the organizer didn't last long. It ran out of batteries and I didn't replace it soon. And it was soon forgotten. Maybe if I replace the batteries, it will function normally again?

Now, almost 24 years later, I still use this Casio fx-3600P for calculating things: paychecks, bills, debts, to name a few. I will use the calculator until it is worn-out. Gadgets may come and go. I may buy new gadgets for my own, such as digital camera or cellphone. But this calculator still stays with me, accompany me during student days, working days, stay-at-home-wife days. Thank you my lovely Casio fx-3600P. You've done a superb job.