Friday, June 08, 2007

How Long Do You Spend Your Time With Your Significant Other On Typical Workdays?

For Endra and me being at home together for about 10 hours or less, we actually do something together for only 6½ to 8 hours each workday. Details are:
- sleeping 6 hours;
- praying 20 minutes (Isha and Shubuh);
- eating 10 minutes; and sometimes
- watching TV 1½ hours.

The rest 2 to 3½ hours is used for individual activities such as taking shower, reading books and newspaper or browsing internet and checking emails. Luckily, we can still talk to each other during internet time, sharing of what we hit in the net. Too little time to spend together and mostly in our worst of shape--tired and sleepy.

As long as we're still comfortable with each other presence, it's fine. Hope your days are better than ours.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

5 Years Blogging

It began with me reading an article about blogging in Gadis magazine. My co-worker subscribed the magazine for her daughter. And as always, I sneak a peek the magazine before going home.

At home, the tech support--i.e. Endra, my husband-- helped me signed up to Blogger. That was 5 years ago.

I'll continue writing later. Now, I am going to go to Mangga Dua, looking for an external harddisk. Hopefully, I'll find a good one, with fire-wire cable.