Friday, July 04, 2003

I just want to tell you that Andri, my nephew, with his friends from SD Madania - Parung will perform "angklung ensemble" in an autism seminar at Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, today. Bravo! I am proud of you, Andri.

Andri is a 10 years old boy and he is now in the 3rd grade of SD Madania - Parung (promoted from the 2nd grade). He was born through a caesarian sectio at "YPK" Hospital on April 25, 1993. He was a healthy baby, until he got 'stuip(?)' after an MMR immunization. Since then, he showed autism symptom. He still could not speak while all his cousins of the similar age had imitated everything they've heard. He did not relate to others around him.

His parents brought him to "Harapan Kita" Hospital and he got therapy in "Yayasan Tumbuh Kembang" there. At age 4, his parents brought him to Bandung to get therapy from Mrs. Hana Birowo. Mrs. Hana Birowo is a German and her husband is Indonesian. Alhamdulillah, Andri got better and better after getting therapy from her. His motoric ability improved. He could make a sentence, with 2 words, and then with 3 words. He also attended a kindergarten in Bandung. The school, "Mutiara Bunda", accepted children who had special needs like Andri to be their pupils. Andri learn to socialize with his friends here.

Now, Andri still faces difficulties in conveying his minds. His speaking is still awkward. However, he grows like any other healthy boy. He is naughty sometimes, even very naughty! Like his father or mother (my little sister), I suppose! Although his teacher reportes that Andri still can not cope with "Bahasa Indonesia", he shows progress in "math". "Math" is Andri's favourite subject in school!

The whole family cherish every step he makes. We all thank God to have Andri in the family. We are brightened by his presence! Allah, alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Long time no see, as usual. Ah, how time flies! It's near 5 julliet, dad's birthday.

Let me tell you somethin'; it's about Indian dance (such as in the Bollywood movie) in the graduation day of an Indonesian elementary school (SD Peladen in kampung Peladen, near Pondok Bintaro). What worries me is how others' culture have been absorbed into our everyday life. Those pupils danced the Indian dance as if it was from their own culture. And what makes me "prihatin" is they don't perform an Indonesian or local art! What a pity! They do not appreciate their own culture as they appreciate others' culture, and the teachers do not encourage them to do so..

I wrote about this in "pl80itb" mailing list. But, my friends are not worry as much as I am (in fact, they do not seem to be worry at all). However, this "incident" made me aware of my "weakness" or "fault" through this time, that I have neglected my own culture as well ;,-(