Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fraggle Rock - First Season on DVD

♩♫Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.

Work your cares away,
Dancing's for another day.
Let the Fraggles play,
We're Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red.

Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.♬
(Fraggle Rock Theme by Philip Balsam and Dennis Lee)

Oji, my bro-in-law, Ita's husband, had arrived in Jakarta two weeks ago. He came from the US for a two-months visit. He looked great.

That Tuesday morning I've got an e-mail from Ita telling me that Oji was on his way to Jakarta. I called Mom about Oji's arrival and that he was expected to be in Pejompongan around 10 am. Mom said that Dad and she would be waiting for Oji at home. Mom finally called me, telling me that Oji had come to Pejompongan, and then I had a little chit-chat with Oji. Fortunately, Ita and I were chatting through messenger when I spoke with Oji. She soon found out that her husband had safely arrived in Jakarta.

What amazing about Oji was he went directly to Bandung that Tuesday evening and went to Garut on Wednesday early morning. Had he drunk a magical potion for additional power????? Dunno.

What I did knew was that Oji brought me the Fraggle Rock - Complete First Season DVD and Endra's book of "Insanely Great - The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything" by Stephen Levy. There are 5 discs of DVD and a replica of Jim Henson's notebook containing original concept for Fraggle Rock, showing Jim Henson's creative process.

Unfortunately, our DVD player couldn't play the DVD due to unmatched regional code ;( Thanks to iDVD in our iMac G5 17" (PowerPC) that it can be set with the appropriate code of the Fraggle Rock DVD. Finally... watching the Fraggle Rock series again here at home in Bintaro. Thanks a lot to Ita and Oji for making my dream come true! (a modest dream, yeah...)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yogya Earthquake, Updated

Source: Kompas daily from Media Center Gempa DIY

Kompas reported that casualties of last week earthquake in Yogya reached 5,857 people dead and 37,229 injured, with 84,643 houses were flat to the ground, 135,048 houses heavily damaged and 188,234 houses moderately damaged.

Meanwhile, ITB80's families suffered from the death of Sabadi (TM'80)'s mother and injury of Gatut (GD'80)'s brother. Our deep condolesence to Sabadi and family. Sabadi's and Gatut's houses were flat to the ground. It was reported that Dusun Mojosari, Kelurahan Sitimulyo, Kecamatan Piyungan, Kabupaten Bantul, where Gatut's house was once built, was totally damaged. It is near the Opak river, presumably related to the Opak cesar that caused the earthquake. Fauzi (TM? TA?), Gatut, and Endro (GM'80) had built ITB80 posko there. May the citizens of the areas hit by the quake have a normal life as soon as possible.