Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Town Called Tangerang Selatan

Kompas reports today that DPRD (Local House of Representative) Kabupaten Tangerang agreed to separate 5 kecamatans of the kabupaten to form a new autonomous area called Tangerang Selatan. The five kecamatans are Ciputat, Pamulang, Pondok Aren, Serpong and Cisauk which lie in the south-east of the kabupaten, in the vicinity area of Jakarta and Kota Tangerang. However, until House of Representative (DPR) give their permission and Government Regulation be published, the would-be-area of Tangerang Selatan still remains under Kabupaten Tangerang authority. It is predicted that the process to publish such regulation will take a year or two.

As an inhabitant of Ciputat, will I be prouder or happier to live in a town or city called Tangerang Selatan instead of in an area called Kabupaten Tangerang? I don't think I will answer "Tangerang Selatan" if someone asks me where I live. I think I will still answer the question with "Bintaro". It's more accurate and people will recognize that it's the vicinity area of Jakarta. However, I hope the new town administration could bring welfare to the people in town.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Internet Connection Down (Fortunately Not BiGNet)

Endra called me this noon, telling me about Taiwan earthquake (7.1 R) that affects internet connections throughout Asia. He asked me to check the internet connections at home. At first, BiGNet seemed sluggish while the other connection seemed okay. But later, BiGNet got better and was back to normal (2 kbps - 5 kbps) while the other connection got worse. Probably the other connection had stuck in Hongkong?

How so disruption of internet connections affect us? Yes, we have depended heavily upon the internet connection, to work, to live. And we are only a small portion of Indonesia population :(( *unhappy*

Monday, December 25, 2006

Two Computers, Two Internet Connections, in the House

With two computers in the house, I can work peacefully without worrying about Endra also wanting to use the same computer. I can work with the desktop while Endra using laptop.

And now, for the time being, there's a new internet connection in the house, a fast one. Endra use this, while I still use the slow quite fast--and but get slower--bignet. How life get easier for us :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bad News, Good News

Long time no blog. I was and still am occupied with my work that I didn't read books, didn't write blog nor visited my parents. Some things happened lately: AA Gym--famous da'i from Bandung-- started practicing polygyny; mbak Titi--my elder sister-- was diagnosed with cancer; pilkada (Governor election) in Banten; we--Endra and I-- bought Macbook Pro.

I wanted to write about polygyny and polyandry in my other blog, but I couldn't. I had to write something else: reports for work. About mbak Titi, we--the big family-- give her support for the healing. And about our Macbook Pro: pictures speak louder than words..