Saturday, June 29, 2002

Being a Civil Servant

someone i know is torn between keep-on working in a government organization or working in a private company. which one u choose?which one is the best 4 u? which one will bring u welfare and comfort?

according to Robert K(oyasaki?), unless you are in "the investor" quadrant, u are not financially free (am i right? i don't have the book with me, i can't check it out, just rely on my memories). based on this criteria, none of the choice above will bring financial freedom.

however, not all people is interested in being an investor. or they're still waiting for the right time.

a few weeks ago, I read an interview with Mr. Siswono Judo Husodo in Kompas daily (sunday edition). Mr. Siswono had been assigned as minister for ten years. previously, he was recognized with his famous "Bangun Cipta" company. he said that being a minister is a good opportunity to serve the country. ministers could make good policies and had budget to spend for the sake of people's welfare. back as a civilian--he is a "farmer", now--, Mr. Siswono still have thoughts on how to improve the welfare of Indonesian farmers. as for Mr. Siswono, whether he is inside or outside the government, he has premium channel to improving people's welfare.

back to the options of being a civil servant or working in a private company, you still have the chance to help others in both conditions. but, the higher your position in the organization, the better your opportunity to influence others in achieving better condition.

i think, as long as your choice is the way to help others as well as to help yourself --in a proper manner, of course--, God will like your choice. (K(oyasaki?)san, financial freedom without the ability to help others is useless, isn't it?) ;-) --sumimasen, it's just come across my mind--.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Long time no see. It's friday night and I feel relax. It's the most relax day among workdays. And here I am, trying to post something in the blog.

It's a hot summer night with mosquitos flying around you, trying to suck fresh blood from u. We don't have AC and electric fan to blow away the heat (to be honest, we don't like AC and fan much). I have to put on new mosquito-net to replace the old one. The maid had
burned the "obat-nyamuk bakar" for temporary measures and I must admit: it helps.

Yesterday, I got news that Noer, one of our friend, will get married on July 7, 2002 in Karanganyar, her hometown. Congratulations, dear friend! Hope everything's going well.

Another news? My sister, Ita, called me this morning that she will be in Jakarta tomorrow afternoon. She asked me to join her going to the "Jakarta Book Fair" in the afternoon. Remember, sis, there's a soccer game tomorrow evening. I have to reach home by evening to watch the game on "terebi".

OK, I think it's enough 4 2day. My husband will soon be home. We will have dinner by then. All I can say is "oyasumi nasai" (have a good rest).

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

ohayoo gozaimasu
it's tuesday, but i am tired already!
driving to the office at morning and back home at night in the workdays.
some people are lucky enough, having a driver to bring them to wherever places they want to go.
oops .. stop sighing! you are lucky!
yeah, i am lucky. i can drive, my husband can provide me a tiny jeep, i don't have to wait for the bus ..
c'mon, cheer up! count your blessing!
yeah, alhamdulillah. but.., i am tired...!!

Friday, June 14, 2002

oops ilang lagi.. kepaksa deh nulis lagi

I have written a few sentences, but I made a mistake, and then .. they missed, out of my sight.

I have written that I had decided to post my "catatan harian" at a new date rather than editting the last entry.
I told the reader (who read this anyway?) that in the last entry, at dots at the beginning of the last post, I actually wanted to write "Ta eis heauton" which means "To myself". It is a Latin (or Greek?) words (or sentence?) that Antonius Marcus Aurelius wrote in his diary. I forgot reading it where or when.

Btw, "catatan harian" means (daily) notes. It is in the Bahasa Indonesia. Yes, I am an Indonesian and to be honest, it is difficult to write in English. But I'll try. And I hope, writing my experience or thoughts in this blog will improve my English ;-)

Sunday, June 02, 2002

.. ... .. (bhs latin?), artinya kepada diri sendiri, yaitu catatan hariannya Marcus Aurelius.