Wednesday, May 18, 2005


We need to sell our iMac. That means that I have to copy all our documents into CD-Rs. D'oh..., if only Endra's portable harddisc still functions well.. It will be only a 'drag and drop' away...

And the bookmarks. too. I have lots of bookmarks since many interesting websites scatter in the net. Not to mention Endra's. How can I copy these bookmarks to ease my work? I think I'll use Yahoo!'s Bookmarks in order not to depend on the bookmarks in the computer. And I can access them from anywhere in the globe as long as I log-on to the net and log-in to Yahoo!. (I found out that Yahoo! offers 'My Web' (?). However, I prefer 'Bookmarks'.)

Goodbye our lovely iMac.. You brought us wonderful computer (and netting) experience! Thank You!
(Ati: "Meanwhile, I'll be off for a temporary period")
(You: ".. don't care!")

Saturday, May 14, 2005

43 Things

Last night my internet surfing brought me to "43things", a site where people can list what they want to do in their life. People can report their progress and accomplishment upon their wants. It's fun to share them with other people in different parts of the world. People are the same after all; we all have our own dream and want to make it comes true. And sometimes we have the same dream. It's kind of life resolution, since we declare it in front of others. It's not hidden anymore. You can find my things (now 11) in the sidebar below. So, what do you want to do in life?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Carrefour's Red Bag

This morning I went to Prodia to take some hormonal test (LH, FSH, and Estradiol). I have to take another hormonal test (Progesterone) on May 21, 2005. These tests have to be taken in the 10th-12th and the 21st day of the last period. The tests should be taken before 10 AM and the blood sample would be taken for 3 times in 20 minutes interval. Wo..aahhh 3 times! Fortunately, it didn't hurt at all.

From Prodia, I went straight to Carrefour-Lebak Bulus. I had my breakfast at Sint Cinnamon with a cup of espresso and a piece of cinnamon roll. I continued with buying groceries at Carrefour hypermarket.

And you know what? Before entering the hypermarket, one of the guards asked me (and some other visitors) to put my bag into their red bag and then locked it. We could take the red bag along with us but we couldn't open it until the cashier did it for us. When I asked why they did this, the guard said it was for security reason. However, NOT ALL visitors were treated that way. I don't know the criteria applied by Carrefour in order to decide who should wear those red bags and who shouldn't. For some women with bigger bags than mine could carry their bags along. (Mine is 24 x 20 x 10 cm). Was I being suspected for security reason (stealing???)? Somehow, I felt that way.

But, on the other side, I tried to be positive thinking. That's God way to protect my belongings (money, debit cards, credit card) during my shopping time.

New experience in shopping, really! However, it's a pity for a hypermarket as hyper as Carrefour to show prejudiced toward some of its customers since only some customers be treated this way. Or, they'd better follow Makro, whose rule is not allowing ALL visitors to bring their bags along inside the shopping area. Makro is much better and fair in this way!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Long time no blog. I still browse the internet as my routine activity, though. (What else? It's one of the easiest thing to do on earth: sitting and reading web pages or reading books. And it's amusing, too.)

On Tuesday, May 3, 2005, Firman's father passed away. Firman is one of my friend from PL'80. He is Gita's husband (Gita is also from PL'80). I heard the news from Hartono (thanks Ton!). However, when I turned on my cellphone then (after Hartono's calling), it happened that Gita and some friends had sent me messages. Later that day, at Firman's (parents') house, I met Firman but I didn't see Gita. I also met Wisnu (PL'80) and Budi Situmorang (PL'83) there.

Ooops, Endra has come home. Bye for now. I'll continue blogging later.