Friday, April 21, 2006

Today, "Kartini Day". Indonesia commemorates its heroine in gender equalization. Gramedia bookshop's workers wear kebayas (women) and batik shirts (men). I don't know what happen at other companies or offices or at schools during the Kartini Day. For me, Kartini Day seems the same as any other day. I seem to take it for granted for all the facilities I have. However, I appreciate Kartini for all her works and thoughts. How she had preceded her era at the time. You can read my book review of "panggil aku Kartini saja" (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Yesterday, "Inacraft Exhibition". I asked Mom whether she wanted to go to the exhibition. And she said, "Yes". We were there from 10 am to 2.15 pm, more than 4 hours! The exhibition was being held at the Jakarta Hilton Convention Center, occupied Halls A and B, the Convention Center (?, I mean the round hall), the Plenary Hall and the lobby of the building. A huge exhibition. The exhibition will last on Sunday, April 23, 2006. Of course, I spent money there. (And who didn't?)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Birthday Girl and her ex-boyfriend

Samedi, 15 Avril 2006, Mom's 76th birthday. Happy Birthday, deaerest Mommy! Wishing you healthy and happy, inside and outside! Except mas Bud, who was on vacation in Bali, and Ita, we gathered together in Pejompongan to celebrate Mom's birthday. Mbak Witri and mas Priyo, mbak Titi and Rina, Endra and me, and Noki and Emma. Widy and Andri were the last persons to come. 'From the therapy', Andri explained to everybody.

Mardi, 18 Avril 2006, I paid the electricity and phone bills and went to buy some groceries. And I brought home 2 litres of ice-cream, 2 chocolate bars, shanghai peanuts, potato chips, cakwe, 'onde-onde' and burger buns. More than enough to accompany me/us in internet-browsing or watching TV!

Mercredi, 19 Avril 2006, we had breakfast with melon-juice and self-made burgers.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Busy Weeks and Podcasts

Busy weeks with works and domestic affairs. I have e-mailed all the proposals. Finally! What a relieve, they are done. We went back and forth to the hospital (I'll talk about this later, waiting for the time). Never give up on the good things.

Samedi, Avril 1, 2006 mon cousine's daughter wed her lover. The party was held the next day, on Sunday. We (Endra and me) came to the party at Gedung Aneka Tambang, Jakarta. We met mas Satrio (mon cousin) and mbak Salmah (his wife) there. My cousin and his family had moved to Sidoarjo since two years ago.

I listen to The FrenchPod Class from the start, all over again. And it's nice to listen to the French songs here. It's a very good podcast. ★★★★★ And I found Japanesepod101. It's an interesting podcast, too. ★★★★★ Make me want to write something in French and Japanese (a new wish list).

じゃね (?) or ぢゃね (?). I mean 'jya ne', see you(?). Nice try, Ati.